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What if your tic disorder didn’t control your life? What if you could THRIVE?

Get tips, hacks, interviews, the latest research, natural management options, recipes and more to help you better manage your tic disorder, feel empowered, and live with confidence in society.


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Victoria Barrios

Co-Founder of Avidity Wellness Consulting & Events

Founder and Host of Thriving with a Tic Disorder

Victoria Barrios is an Ex-Music Agent turned Certified Sports Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach and Allergy-Friendly Baker.

As a coach, she focuses on helping individuals and families with children who have a tic disorder create healthy life habits as well as find natural solutions to managing and overcoming the condition.

Also, Victoria works alongside her sister coaching endurance athletes and athletically-minded individuals to establish and reach their goals through unique training, holistic nutrition, and simple lifestyle tweaks.

Before all this…

Victoria worked in the famous vegan bakery, Babycakes NYC which inspired her to start her own mobile bakery in Guatemala. After a few years in Guatemala, she moved to Arizona and took a job as a Corporate Wellness Coach, where she helped develop and implement wellness programs for over 5,000 employees in 20+ companies.

In 2018, Victoria was awarded the Wellness Council of Arizona's “Health Coach of the Year,” and was one of ten individuals who were nominated in AZ Central’s “Who's Next: 30 health and fitness experts helping us live better lives.”

When it comes to nutrition, she aims to help individuals eliminate confusion and establish a baseline for optimal nutrition by providing simple solutions for navigating food labels, safe grocery shopping, meal planning, pantry organization, getting families on board and more.

FUN FACTS: When Victoria isn’t coaching or working on her latest dessert recipe, she’s probably out trail running, speaking Spanish in Guatemala with her husband, or attending a live show.